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Feet Speak



So, while cruising the internet one rainy afternoon I came across these splendiferously adorable little ballet flats on the blog A Cup of Jo; naturally, I wanted them in a rather hardcore sort of way, lover of words and quirky things that I am. Then I remembered this scene from Me and You and Everyone We Know:

And I thought: HEY! I could write on my shoes myself. I’ve *always* wanted to do that. I grabbed my favorite little red Frye flats – my very own little ruby slippers(!)- and decorated their heels accordingly (maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick – my arrows look a little wonky, haha). Empowered, I dug up these little pink flats I got at Forever21 last year and, admiring their quasi-ballet-shoeness, sprinkled the toes with a few words anyone who’s ever taken a dance class probably knows very well. Weee! The best part of the whole thing being, obviously, that you can make your shoes say anything you want. All you need is a pair of shoes, a skinny paintbrush, and a bit of paint. I used acrylic, but you could probably use fabric paint (hmm..provided the shoe is more fabric-y than leather), either painted on with a paint brush (dip the tip in a bit of water before the paint to make it a little smoother) like you would with acrylic paint or traditional bubble-style. As always, whatever floats your boat.

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As much as I *love* clothes….


I also love what Tom Ford has to say about nakedness in this article on NY Magazine’s fashion blog The Cut :

“With a more natural relationship to nudity, we might also be freed up to find each other a lot more fascinating. There’s an equality to being naked; the fewer clothes and accessories a person wears the less you judge them, and the more you notice their truest traits, like their eyes or their charisma, their great hands or their one-of-a-kind hair or, most importantly, their personality and character. As much as I love clothing, it gives us one more layer to hide behind.”

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One Day Poem Pavillion


Check out this intriguing piece of work by Art Center student Jiyeon Song: by creating perforations at varying angles different lines of a poem can be seen (as a projection on the ground) as the sun shifts throughout the day. Additionally, the poem changes with the solar calendar. During the summer solstice the poem is about “new life”, and during the winter solstice about “reflection and the passing of time.” Quite a lovely concept in my opinion.

Now, I think it could be amusing/interesting if that could somehow be translated into objects for the home, such as window shades (you know, the kind the rolls down). Imagine waking up to a sunny projection of “wake up!!”/”rise and shine!”/etc. on your face/bed!

And/or if you could request a custom made piece… So that if you had a row of windows in your living room or sun room or whathaveyou a poem would slowly be spelled out in blips across the floor.

Feel free to check out the site Experimental Typography to read more about the project!

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