As much as I *love* clothes….


I also love what Tom Ford has to say about nakedness in this article on NY Magazine’s fashion blog The Cut :

“With a more natural relationship to nudity, we might also be freed up to find each other a lot more fascinating. There’s an equality to being naked; the fewer clothes and accessories a person wears the less you judge them, and the more you notice their truest traits, like their eyes or their charisma, their great hands or their one-of-a-kind hair or, most importantly, their personality and character. As much as I love clothing, it gives us one more layer to hide behind.”

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  1. Hey, I can’t say that I totally agree (b/c in our society we all know that a person’s eyes would be the last thing we would look at if they had no clothes on). America is somewhat a sex nation. artists use it for their image, rappers use in their videos, and average people experiment with it daily via their style and fashion. Also, people’s bodies are shaped differently…thus there is not “equality” there , when Kate Moss would get a different kind of attention that Star Jones if they were both naked. HOWEVER, I do respect Tom Ford and that’s his opinion…this is just mine!

    By the way i luv ur blog :-) . Visit mine sometime!

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