Feet Speak



So, while cruising the internet one rainy afternoon I came across these splendiferously adorable little ballet flats on the blog A Cup of Jo; naturally, I wanted them in a rather hardcore sort of way, lover of words and quirky things that I am. Then I remembered this scene from Me and You and Everyone We Know:

And I thought: HEY! I could write on my shoes myself. I’ve *always* wanted to do that. I grabbed my favorite little red Frye flats – my very own little ruby slippers(!)- and decorated their heels accordingly (maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick – my arrows look a little wonky, haha). Empowered, I dug up these little pink flats I got at Forever21 last year and, admiring their quasi-ballet-shoeness, sprinkled the toes with a few words anyone who’s ever taken a dance class probably knows very well. Weee! The best part of the whole thing being, obviously, that you can make your shoes say anything you want. All you need is a pair of shoes, a skinny paintbrush, and a bit of paint. I used acrylic, but you could probably use fabric paint (hmm..provided the shoe is more fabric-y than leather), either painted on with a paint brush (dip the tip in a bit of water before the paint to make it a little smoother) like you would with acrylic paint or traditional bubble-style. As always, whatever floats your boat.

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