A Battle of Art Vs. Fashion


It’s really such a pity that Louis Vuitton is suing (Danish) art student Nadia Plesner for depicting a Darfurian child decked out Paris Hilton-style, Louis V. inspired bag and all. Pelsner claims that enough was changed so that it is not an exact copy of the oft-toted handbag but the folks at Vuitton seem to disagree – enough to request $20,000 for each day that she continues to use the image. But she stands by her right to use the bag saying that, “If I was making bags and I was copying the design, I would understand the problem. But in this way I feel like I have the artistic freedom to display the caricatures that I want to.”

Personally, I think that the points she makes are valid. It would’ve been interesting if Vuitton could see that she’s commenting on our / the medias constant focus on things of such little relevance to the world as Ms. Hilton instead of giving attention to more worthy world topics and not commenting on the design house of Louis Vuitton itself.

Because, after all, fashion (to me at least) is an art-form that can (and often) certainly act as social commentary (and barometer). Pity when the business of it gets in the way. Especially when Vuitton tends to team up with artists, such as Takashi Murakami (who *ahem* actually designed the print on the L.V bag the Darfurian child is holding).

I think it would be a whole lot more interesting if Louis Vuitton took the image and put it on one of its bags. After all, we seem to dig the ironic and tounge-in-cheek considering the mass hysteria over the “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” bag. Hey, they could even donate some of the proceeds to help Save Darfur or towards the fight against counterfeit designer bags and the sweat shops that create them. But, perhaps not doing so would be more ironic. It would be ironic on top of ironic. People would love it.

To read more of the interview with Ms. Plesner by The Cut, please click here
Image property of Nadia Plesner .

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