Motivation sans cheese


So, I happen to be madly in love with these fabulous alternative motivational posters from Right Brain Terrain sold at Vitamin D(esign). As much as I adore pictures of cute kittens hanging off of trees imploring me to “hang in there”, these lovelies will get you inspired to do your thing without the requisite cheesiness of your typical motivational poster. And they’re pretty. Function + art = A+ in my book. Not to mention they’re “printed on 100% post-consumer recycled papers that are FSC certified and certified processed chlorine free (CPCF)…print[ed] with vegetable based inks, such as soy.” – so your green side will be satisfied, too.

I also happen to dig this other poster (a re-creation of a Brittish WWII original) that seems to be taking the blog world by storm:

It may not be motivational, persay, but if you happen to be a panic-er like myself it could be a helpful reminder in the midst of it all to basically shut up and get on with it. And sometimes you need that, y’know? If you want to purchase a poster like this you could try ReForm School. Or you can search Etsy for other reproductions such as this one that comes in different colors(!).

I’d love for more artists to jump on this concept of alternative/different motivational posters.

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