Um, I kind of want this phone…


I might be into fashion and all that jazz, but I can’t deny that I also have a tech-y interested-in/enamored-by-gadgets side. That being said, I couldn’t help but swoon a little when I spotted this creation on Gizmodo. Unfortunately, this smashing little phone from California design studio RKS is only a concept at the moment *sigh*; but, imagine the possibilities of a truly open source/customizable phone, enabling you to create (if you were to know how) all sorts of nifty functions and/or download them! Personally, I’d dig it it/be thoroughly amused if it had a (numeric) keypad that functioned like a (touch-screen) rotary dial!

photo via Apartment Therapy Unplugged. (You can also read a bit more about the phone there…)

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