Distract Everyone from that Embarassing Pimple: The Statement Hat


Art director/pop artist Nagi Noda has sure done some interesting things with hair:

And now, she has created fifteen hats/wearable sculptures inspired by animals to be sold/displayed at Colette’s in Paris in September. They’ll also be showing up in Bjork’s UK tour. Apparently, Noda is also seeking stockists here in the US. It’ll be interesting to see where they end up – and on whom (she’d like to see one on Winona Ryder). As for me, I certainly think they’re intruiging/amazing. Don’t know how I’d feel about wearing one though… especially since I live in a ‘hood populated by a large number of vegetarians/vegans – I wonder what kind of reaction one might get from them (only because while awesome, I can’t help but feel a slight reminder of those rooms full of taxidermied creatures and/or those old-school fox stoles (etc.) with head and all still attached ((both of which kinda creep me out))…). Maybe if there were little birds on headbands or clips… or a little birds nest as a nod to the pillbox… or a kitten curled up. (???)

via Fashionologie, TrendHunter

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