That’s what you get for living in The City….


Sigh. So, my building is being renovated. It’s a rather odd situation since my own apartment was renovated a scant 2 years ago, but my landlord has decided to redo the entire building (yes, including my own). I guess that’s what you get for living in a rapidly gentrifying ‘hood. The whole renovation naturally has a heap of pluses and minuses, one of the biggest minuses being the noise. And the mess. Doors are appearing where there once were none, age-old brick is making appearances after perhaps 80 or so years, and I’m woken up at 7am to the sound of walls being knocked down. Joy. Usually, I manage to drift back into sleep, but I imagine it’s only going to get worse seeing as to how they’re only on the first floor and I’m on the third. I tell myself that the payoff will be good if I can just stick it through, and I tell myself that this isn’t too bad, but it wouldn’t shock me if I’m singing another tune once they’re working on the floor directly below me. You can go tack a “yet” onto the end of the “this isn’t too bad” sentence.

So when I saw these delightful little earplugs by JenGen and this charming sleep-mask (available at Fred Flare) inspired by famous New Yorker Holly Golightly I couldn’t help but smile and try to chalk up the insanity to a well-that’s-what-you-get-for-living-in-New-York-City attitude. You can use them to block out… *ahem* renovations, noisy neighbors (and their awful choices in music *shudders*), parties in the loft next door or the room next door (because the walls aren’t real, kid), the ice-cream truck going around the block again, the block party thats still going full-force at 3am, the kids blasting music from their cars at 3am, a noisy roommate, a snoring bed partner, wailing sirens, the dog barking, the cat howling, the band practicing… and the list goes on (and on and on). Because although we all know that comes with the territory another NY tradition is, of course, kvetching about the noise and the desire for just.a.little.piece.and.quiet.(!!!)((even though we may also find it a little unnerving to get too much of it….)).

At least you can now look super cute/glamorous (and channel the ever-fabulous Ms.Hepburn as the also ever-fabulous Mr. Golightly) while trying to achieve the illusive.


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