Eye See You


Finally made it to the Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum yesterday (True story: tried to go last week but we arrived a whole 3 minutes late for their 4:15pm ticket selling cutoff. Moral of the story: Get there before 4:15 and, no, the big modern steps have nothing to do with the entrance – they will only make you late *blushes*), and I must say it was fabulous. We meandered all around the expansive exhibit and more than once were discouraged from standing so close (hey! i’m short and I/we wanted to see how it was done)((it seems to be a bit of a problem with me, historically)). Anyway, so after seeing the above Jellyfish eyes piece and, of course, the eyeball room, I couldn’t help but think it would be seriously awesome to have gumballs with the eyes printed on them. Seriously. It seemed right up Mr. Murakami’s alley what with his affinity for blurring the line between art and commercialism; so naturally I checked out giftshop for some art that I could (literally) chew on for awhile, but alas, there were none (that I’m aware of, we didn’t look too hard). SO, Mr. Murakami, if by some change you read this….

Jellyfish eyes as gumballs = killer.
+ = yay

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