I’m not nervous, Baby, you just turn me into art.


Around here in The Brooklyn, I’ve been feeling a rather distinct 80’s early 90’s type vibe from some of the cats and kittens in my neighborhood – and I’m not always sure how I feel about it… But. I saw these neat-o t-shirts and other garb from Anzevino & Florence with the same technology (?)/magic fabric as those HyperColor shirts that change color when it comes in contact with heat from my/our youth/younger days and I can’t help but give a thumbs-up; especially with a heat wave on the horizon here in our fair city, and full-blown summer hot on its heels. Summer romances, too. So, I imagine that while it may make your nervous sweating a little more conspicuous, at least it’ll look a whole lot more, you know, artful. AND you can sprout some spontaneous poetry/romanticisms by proclaiming the awe at how their touch has rung oh-so-loud on your skin..err..t-shirt.

via Cup of Jo via Refinery29

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