“Hot stuff!”, he shouted


For your viewing pleasure: The Dot and the Line:

(Thank heaven’s for youtube, because I never thought I’d see this little gem again aside from random broadcastings on TV that I’d be rather likely to miss. I nearly wept with joy when I found it, as I’d been hoping to be able to track it down on video/dvd for years and instead had to settle with only the book ((which, too, is fabulous but, hey, I have to do the voices for myself)), by Norman Juster, for which this little film was based. And so, having found it ((and re-finding it this morning)) I thought I’d share the love of this little romance in lower mathematics. Enjoy!)

(( You know, I’m pretty sure The Dot and the Line only fueled the fire of my little polka-dot phase/obsession of early college…. hmm))

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