Shout-out to your inner child


It’s wallpaper you can color from minimoderns a line of interior products for “kids” by London-based design group and branding agency Absolute Zero Degrees. Presently, it comes in this clock design and also in a chair pattern:

Personally, I find the idea of coloring my wallpaper pretty darn exciting. It’s got to be a rather liberating feeling since many of us have gotten in trouble for coloring, or attempting to color on the walls (I mean if it’s white, it’s like the Ultimate Blank Canvas) as children. Personally, I was intrigued by how the tip of the plug-thing of cord to the headphones (?) of my kiddie cassette player could draw in a pencil-ish fashion on the walls. My dad, needless to say, wasn’t so amused (even though, ahem, it was on the inside of my closet and not on a regular wall, y’know).

While these patterns are pretty rad, I think it’d be extra cool to make color-in-wallpaper made specifically for adults… In wallpaper-y patterns or something… like damask, or trees, or artistic-ness things. The thought of it makes my heart flutter a bit, I must admit.

Continuing on this childhood-grazing wall covering kitsch factor.. How would you feel about scratch and sniff wallpaper. It exists!

Flavorpaper was created in B-A-N-A-N-A-S! , Cherry Forever , and Tutti Frutti scents. Oh, yes, and “a percentage of sales goes to the Human Rights Campaign to help achieve human equality.” Word.

A portion of this discovery aided by Cup of Joe

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  1. Thanks for featuring us. I have the Tick Tock print up in my hallway and in black and white (with no colouring) it does look pretty grown up. We do try to make our prints have cross over appeal for both kids and kidults :)

    Glad you like them – and we will be launching some more colour me prints pretty soon so watch out for them

    Very best wishes
    keith at Mini Moderns

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