Seeing Red


(Been pondering posting something on this subject for a bit, but finally inspired to do so by this gorgeous print by Art and Ghosts)((Seriously check out her work – it’s beautiful)

Red has always been one of my favorite colors. Ever since high school I seem to have had a pair of red shoes that I’ll wear with pretty much anything; even garnering me the title of “The Weird Girl with the Red Shoes”, before the whole brightly colored sneaker trend hit somewhere in 2000 or so (I think?). Red is my black, I guess you could say. Shoes, dresses, skirts, coats, lipstick. Orange-tinted red, blue toned red, red red, and everything in between. I’m a fan of them all.

So, naturally every now and then I toy with the idea of becoming a redhead. Like true-born redhead. I’ve done a bit of the other darker, less natural red hair in the past…. but I can’t help but wonder how I’d look in one of the more natural varieties. I like to think I could possibly pull it off, especially in the winter when I get super pale… not that I’m ever all that tan. With that idea always lingering in the back of my mind and with my tendancy to troll the internet and blogosphere as well as gleefully peruse most any magazine I can get my hands on, I have to say that I’m feeling a both subtle and not-so-subtle increasing interest in redheads. Such as:

This popular shot of model David Brunier (click his name on the side for more pics) captured by The Sartorialist

The blog A Rare Breed, a blog devoted to pictures of redheads I first saw on A Cup of Jo

This season’s America’s Next Top Model contestant Elina, who looks SO much more interesting as a redhead.

and so on…

I just feel like I’m noticing the color more and more, and wonder if it may soon be the next-sort-of-big-thing in hair color. It would be interesting because:
– It’s one of the ultimate ways to stand out/be unique. If you have pink or blue hair it’s obvious you weren’t born with it; but with a quality redheaded dye job you could pass as being a member of the rarest naturally occuring hair color (approx. 1-2% of the entire human population, thank you Wikipedia).
– Status symbol of sorts. You’d likely want to get it professionally done if you’re trying to make it look natural. And I imagine it would be a lot of upkeep. Not so cheap.
– It would be some sort of quirkier hair color to stand out in without being blatant (pink/blue/etc) and it isn’t yet associated with any major social sub-strata (except maybe people would assume you’re Irish..). Not to mention maybe people are getting bored of black and blond, two other popular rare-ish natural colors to come by (depending on where you are, naturally) that people are fond of dyeing their hair.

Anyway. That was a bit of a ramble/speculation but I hope it made some sort of sense and was coherant. Maybe one day I’ll find the money and time to devote to being a redhead. :)

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