That 70’s blouse (what?!)


I’ve long considered myself a bit of a thrift-shop junkie. From way back in high school when a few of my friends and I would pile into my sea-green Corolla and troll the Goodwills, ThinkThrifts, and Salvation Army’s on a stretch of state road 441 in South Florida; from when I’d wander into my college town antique malls so often that the sales people knew me by name and would call me up when something came in they thought I’d be interested in; to now when I pilgrim (well, hop on the L train) to scour Beacon’s Closet and the other vintage shops in Williamsburg. I’ve got clothing, bags, jewelry, etc from all over the place historically… but it honestly rather surprised me when I found myself drawn to the following items:

You may remember my post on how much I’ve had a tendency to abhor a great many breeds of the serious-clothes strata of apparel, yes? Well, button-ups have Always snuck into this category of distaste – pretty much any kind of button-up. Couple that with the fact that I have never had a huge yen for 70’s apparel (outside of a phase in high school)((and some occasional McClintock Gunne Sax fare)) mostly because once I became more into the art of design I became a bit (to a lot) of a fabric snob. And it’s not uncommon for a lot of clothes from the 1970’s in thrift/vintage shops happen to be in that really crude sort of polyester and other synthetic fabrics that just turn me off touch-wise… Which isn’t to say that sometimes that fabric snob sense can be over-ridden by an otherwise fabulous/interesting design. So, at Beacon’s Closet last week I found myself walking around the store holding these items in front of me thinking, really? Really?! Lurex?!!! I have always – and I do mean always – hated Lurex (ok… maybe it would’ve passed muster in the time period when hippie/flowerchild-kid and glitter-fiend meshed a bit…). Anyway. Generally, so very very not my thing..

So, why did I suddenly found myself SO attracted to these items? Why, did I coast out of that store proudly toting a bag filled with two 70’s era blouses, one of them in a polyester (it’s not *too* awful)((I think I really like the 1930’s-type lady waving farewell)), the other in cotton (well, the print *is* adorable)((I’m pretty sure I have both vintage glass cups and some vintage organdy with a similar print/character)), and a neutral-toned sweater with a golden sparkle courtesy of Lurex (I’m still not 100% sure)…..

I’m not uncommonly interested in things anywhere from right before they come into style or a year or more ahead of the game… Which, naturally, isn’t a bad thing as a designer, haha. So……. ?? 70’s? Prints? Lurex? Button-ups?? etc…… I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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