Do Something Different


(My team circa 2000, when all of these Bush shenanigans began.)

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between:

Back in the day I was a part of something awesome. A team. A performance ensemble. A gaggle of teenage girls (and we all know what bitches teenage girls can be) from all different “cliques” and/or social groups, ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations, political affiliations, etc; we didn’t always like each other, didn’t always get along or see eye-to-eye, but when push came to shove we were a team always working on being the very best we could be. We counted on one another.

Sometimes one of us would have trouble with a particular move, toss, etc. Surrounded by our entire team practicing the work, one of us (and indeed sometimes it was me) would have it wrong and know we had it wrong; it didn’t look right or feel right, and when we tossed that saber, riffle, or flag it very often didn’t land in our hands but flat on the floor with a resounding thud… but despite this, we did it the same way over and over and over again expecting that perhaps magically without any effort we’d suddenly get it right just by wanting it to be better.

And don’t we all know that it just doesn’t work that way. So you’d end up standing there getting increasingly frustrated that it isn’t going your way, and our instructors would really start to bellow – we’d get the full name treatment – “[insert full name here]!!!!!!! I’ve just noticed you doing the SAME THING a hundred times in a row. Next time do something – anything!- different. I don’t care if you drop it, or if it falls on your head JUST DO SOMETHING ELSE! If you do the same thing again the entire guard goes down for 25 push-ups.” (or something like that). Now your heart is thumping in your chest and your face is red and you’re trying to stomp down that frustration that’s billowing inside you as you can literally feel the pressure of your teammates not wanting to do 25 more push-ups… And so, you manage to do something a little or a lot different; sometimes it clanks to the floor and sometimes you get it right the first time – either way it’s a process.

In anything in life, it rarely does any good to do the same thing over and over when those actions or decisions clearly don’t work or give you the desired result. No doubt we’ve all given this advice numerous times in different shapes and forms to our friends and family members, and now we need to do it as a country. Our country is just like any team, we don’t always get along or see eye-to-eye but as we’ve seen when tragedy strikes we have an amazing knack for banding together.

And we need to do just that Right Now. Change can be scary, but doing the same thing again by voting for McCain/Palin will be result in an even scarier future. So, America:

Do Something Different.

Vote for Obama.

He’s already inspiring people not only in our country, but around the entire world.

So get off your butt and don’t let an amazing opportunity pass you by. (Seriously, I’ve been sick all night and I’m just about to head out to the polls barf bag in hand)

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