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Concepts and conceptual jewelry after my nerd-girl heart (*warm fuzzies*):

Sounds.Butter’s conceptual product that would allow a physical (and wearable) representation of sound. I don’t think this is a functioning example but more a prototype; but I think it’s a pretty cool idea. I’m imagining an embroidery machine hooked up to an equalizer (?)((similarly set up to Sakura Koshimizu’s – who you’ll read about in just a moment or two)) so that the sound could be fed right into the machine… or at the very least you could take the visualization of the sound and program it into the embroidery machine (I’ve never actually fiddled with one, but I used to work in a small fine fabrics store where I saw them demonstrated a fair amount).

I have a certain affection for words.. though I imagine that sounds a little goofy. Poetry, quotes, books, lyrics, etc. I’m always writing and/or collecting little sayings. Sometimes I just love the way that words sound together play with one another (witness, perhaps, some ee cummings poetry). Anyway, it’s not uncommon for me to incorporate the written word into my clothing-designs and well anything (such as the hello painted on my ceiling in my college apartment, and the window project I’ll be doing and posting about soon(!)) in some way, shape, or form; so the this is just a whole new and throughly intriguing way of incorporating words – and the spoken word no less (!) – onto clothes/fabric. Imagine the visualization of a poem spoken out loud onto a dress or skirt or set of curtains!

I know I certainly love that idea, which is why I was tickled pink to then stumble upon Sakura Koshimizu’s work. Koshimizu laser-cuts visualized sound into metals to create jewelry :

“I do” wedding bands

“Bell” cuff

“Giggle” necklace

Via DesignBoom and The Carrotbox

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