Textile Art by Tinctory


I’m admittedly a bit of a fabric addict, and people who know me well-enough/long-enough have likely seen me get all giggly and bubbly over a fabric, a particular technique in a garment, color, a really fascinating texture, etc. And I must say that Tinctory gives me that same ineffable sort of feeling. The swedish-born designer, Eva, resides in the UK and creates all of her pieces by hand using old world techniques like smocking. She is truly a textile artist who amazingly employs a vast array of the beautiful, interesting (and meticulous) hand sewing techniques I’ve been admiring in my The Art of Manipulating Fabric book I’ve had since college, and often dyes her own fabrics. I love and relate to her fascination with texture and really admire her dedication to the craft. I’ve contemplated trying some of the more laborious techniques out, but I’ve sometimes wondered if I have the patience; that’s probably a cop-out, though, since I have spent an entire all-nighter (or two) hemming a gown(s) by hand (*shudders at the though* – I hate hemming)((yeah, the picture of me falling asleep at my old ghetto ironing board in the Hello section was from one of these such nights)).

And I love, love, love that she takes this lovely old technique that is most often seen nowadays in childrens-wear and makes it both modern and adult and uses often striking combinations of colors and textures (swoon!). The fact that it is fabric jewelry pokes me affectionately in the heart as well, as I’ve been pondering making some and seeing this is most definitely inspiring. It kind of makes me want a sort-of-ruff-inspired piece. 0:)

In fact, it’s only adding to the pot of ideas I’m internally gathering towards a sort of biggish idea (..maybe…).

I highly recommend checking out tinctory’s flickr site, where you can see a lot of present and past work (including other really swell and intriguing techniques) photographed in a matter that is quite lovely.

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