*Gasp* Emily!


I am a little shocked to find out that Miss Emily the Strange is not just strange but also a bit of a copycat to Nate the Great and the Lost List‘s Rosamond. It’s like a flashback to teenager-hood… you know when you think everything you do is so unique but it really turns out it’s all been done before. Sheesh. In that case, maybe she ought to remain the goth-ish teen icon that she is, eh *nudges you gently but snarkily*? Whether she violates copyright law, however, is another story completely.

Do I need to get rid of my Emily the Strange “Emily rocks!” keychain from high school that I, err, still use? Because, you know, Tilly is only one of the names I go by.  And well, I’ve always been a little strange (but never in a goth-y way)((in fact, I’ve only quasi-recently gotten over my teenage complete and utter aversion to EVER wearing the color black)). So… Can I keep Rocking?? *looks around nervously*

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