Clickety-Clack: Please type-write me back


*Ahem* To set the tone:

I’ve always liked typewriters. There’s something rather charming about them, in my opinion: The clickety-clack of the keys; the little hands visibly stamping the paper with the letter of your choosing; those adorable little buttons! I remember back when I used my mother’s electric typewriter to write my science projects back in very early elementary school. Strange that I can actually remember a time without computers; I would imagine that my age-bracket of early 80’s born kids are among the last? However, soon after those early elementary years, we progressed to the computer (a now ancient Mac SE!) and never looked back.

Years later I found myself meandering past a vintage typewriter at my beloved college-town antique store and pausing to run my hands over the keys, tap out a sentence or two into the air. I do this pretty much every time I passed one, and yet I have never really thought about getting making a purchase… until I spotted the above typewriters at Three Potato Four. Aren’t they pretty! And colorful! Smitten and intrigued, I did a little more poking around for vintage typewriters for sale, and found a site with a TON! All different kinds and colors, too! And one, as I discovered, is slated to appear in the February issue of Vogue:

Quite adorable, isn’t it? Here’s a gander at a few more wares from Vintage Typewriter Shoppe:

In our computer age, I’m not sure how many people I could see sitting down to actually write a letter on a typewriter (though snail-mailed letters, as I’ve said are pretty darn cool in my opinion). But, it could be fun for some things. Imagine having one sitting around with a piece of paper in it and it could be used as sort of a noteboard for messages, reminders, etc. It would be like, an old-school facebook inspired status update. Or.. I could just be nuts.

Well, if you like typewriters – and their components- you could always make like Jeremy Mayer; a fellow who collects antique typewriters, takes them apart, and reassembles to resemble an anatomically correct humans, animals, bugs (etc)!


You could go the Steampunk route like Dave Veloz that combines the romanticism of the typewriter, with the modern convenience of the computer (Mac Mini, keyboard, and monitor):

And if you’re really, and I do mean really adventurous, there’s apparently a way to convert an actual typewriter into a keyboard for your computer. It could be a pretty rad idea if you have the know-how for that kind of thing.. which I don’t. So. You can google that for yourself if you happen to be interested, because I really wouldn’t know which site to recommend to the best instructions. Yeah.

So, bottom line: Typewriters are kinda cool.

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