If the eyes are windows into the soul…


…then are a person’s windows eyes into their soul?

That probably sounds a little weird, but I’m working on a project; or I should say trying to work on something. You see, I used to live on the third (and top) floor of my building which, at that level, stared nothing in the face -only a low Verizon truck dispatching building (?) – so when I purchased curtains, I figured they didn’t need to be super thick and opaque since no one would be able to see directly in. They let light filter in and not too much of me to stick out. However (oh! however!), now I live on the first floor of the same building and so people being able to see into my room is now a most definite issue considering all of the foot traffic, the renovations workers coming and going, and the fact that the trashcans are all right outside my window ((sexy, eh?!))).

So yes, I do love my curtains, and though I’ve pondered new ones, I’m still not terribly keen on have super thick ones as I do want some light to come in (I don’t get nearly as much sunshine now that I’m on the first floor *pout*). I’m embarrassed to say that while I’d been pondering what to do, and even now that I do know but haven’t done it yet, I have the same grey, ugly paper taped onto the lower pane of my window that the workers put in, I imagine, when they were painting. But what can I say, I don’t want to give any free shows.

Not pretty.

So. I found, after an extensive search, some lovely japanese-y paper to put there instead. It has a pale background with flowers and is lightweight, so that I’m hoping that some light will filter on through.

Now, since I love words, poems, lyrics, books, etc so darned much; and have done odd things like write “hello” on my ceiling for all passers-by to see ( can you see where I’m going, yet?) I thought: Why not write something on the other side for everyone to see! A FABULOUS idea, I thought.

But, what, my friends. What? It’s been kind of intimidating to figure out what to put in such a visible spot….


Or should I maybe put the colorful, printed side of the paper facing outside with my written words inside, so that people will get a glimpse of them (backwards), sort of, when my room is super lit? OR, if I did it that way (vs. words facing out).. what if I wrote whatever I was going to write backwards on the part that faces inside inside that what people can see when outside looking in is the printed paper with the shadowy glimpse of something written there?!

Am I making sense. Ideas? Email (thoroughlymoderntilly@gmail.com) or comment! :)

The windows/window area of my apartment upstairs:

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