Now that’s how you use a living room!


How have I never seen Fosse’s All That Jazz (1979)? I mean, really?

Regardless, I am lusting after that living room/living space and how it’s being used exactly as I would want to use it. After a few years of living in small-ish New York City apartments where there is little to no room to dance, I find myself having to restrain myself from dancing any time I find myself in a Large Open(esque) Space. Seriously. When I was doing custom jewelry design at Henri Bendel, where there is a quite lot of floor space and a few grand spiral-y sweeping staircases…..well… let’s just say I heard “Tilly, don’t you dare get yourself fired!” uttered out of my manager’s lips more than once.

Have you ever been faced with the task of not dancing while West Side Story’s “I Feel Pretty” plays through the speakers, IN a store (with tables and mannequins), WHILE wearing a full skirt with an extra full pink fluffy crinoline under it (that very nearly begs to be swished around)! I have, and I tell you: It Was Difficult, my friends. It was difficult, indeed. (watch below, if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

Perhaps I should mention that I am also the kind of girl that once got into trouble for taking a moment to stop and spin on the way back to my desk in school because my pink “swirly skirt” (as I used to call them) just HAD to be swirled. Oh, to be a first grader.

Perhaps I should also mention that it would be much more interesting to have lost my job because I was caught dancing (of all things) as opposed to the fact that the economy was going down and people weren’t so big on buying jewelry anymore. Yes, dancing my way out of my job would’ve been quite a story.

Moral of the story: Life’s short; might as well dance.

(pssst: I did, and I assure you that I enjoyed every minute of it)((and I dare say that some people were entertained)) *Winks*

first video via A Cup of Jo

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