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You turn me inside out


You may have noticed a steadily increasing number of variations and offerings of the rib cage hoodie and t-shirt (such as Take a Halliday’s hand-made offering above)and even more recently(ish) an increasing amount of depictions of the human anatomical form being used in a variety of clothes, accessories, art, and furniture. I’ve been interested in such things for a couple of years but have been seeing more and more of it lately and now am thoroughly intrigued as to how much into the super mainstream these ideas will follow. I was seeing some more offerings in blogs and in my further searching found a blog that’s been devoted entirely to the art of the human guts for about a year now: Street Anatomy (click here for solely clothing/product oriented postings)

Some anatomical curiosities from around the web:

Here is Adrian Vanallen wearing a dress that honors Robert Hook, an 18th century anatomist who theorized that there were mini-humans in our cells. article via cnet

Stomach full of butterflies necklace from TillyBloom

Awesome chair by + Fauteuil Tante Wera /AK-LH aka Aksel et Le Helloco / Limited editions signed and numbered 7. from I Love Bad Things, and notcot

Conceptual socks by Anton Repponen, via Design You Trust

Red heart necklace from Paraphernalia.

Sture Pallarp‘s x-ray lamp, as displayed on DesignZen

DNA, Cell, and Neuron jewelry by Sacred Body.

I can’t help but be fascinated with this presenting of our insides onto the outside of our selves. Could it be some permutation of the “wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve” adage? A literal rebellion against our evolving forms of communication skills and keeping what’s really inside from view? A statement that we are all the same inside? That it’s what inside that matters. And sort of following on that little train of thought: maybe it has something to do with health? The millions without insurance;the eternal quest to keep our insides healthy and spic-and-span…. oh I could go on and on.

Or maybe it’s just to show that you’ve got Guts (*winks*):

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So happy that I took pictures of the TV screen


It’s an action I usually feel is quite silly; but today, it was okay. Because we have a new President. And he’s pretty darned swell in my opinion, and judging by the turnout I think a whole lot of people agree. I have a feeling that the crowds would have been even bigger if you didn’t have to have a ticket (because I seem to know a lot of people pouting because they wanted to be there). It would be fascinating to see how many people would indeed have swarmed to the nations capital to stand rapt as the world changed. It’d be hard to tell though, since I’d be in the crowd shouting along with the rest of them.

I was really happy to capture that momentary grin!

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Cashmere and Crinoline: Taking Inventory


Ladies and gentlemen: Today, I am a living Matryoshka doll. It is presently somewhere around 15 degrees here in the city, a temperature that most people out there would consider Pretty Damned Cold, but I (and likely most other Floridians) consider the Most Unnatural and Awful Thing Ever. We tend to cower in the midst of temperature forecasts that dip below 60 degrees. Seriously, when I first got to college in Delaware and the temperature high for the day was first listed as 57 degrees I became intensely horrified and begged everyone to tell me that it would be ok to wear my full-on winter coat. They told me it wasn’t and said that it would in fact be getting even colder soon. I wanted to die. (I can get verification of this if you don’t believe me)…

Now, I have grown extensively since this time period about 6 and a half years ago(all I have to say is: Beijing in January; never been so cold IN MY LIFE) and now can generally bear standard wintry weather of 30 or so degrees. I’ll cringe when it goes below. But. These past few days I’ve voluntarily hibernated in my little apartment terrified that I would turn into an icicle should I venture out in the 15-degrees-but-feels-like-four (FOUR!) great outdoors. I hover around my roommate when she walks in and text friends asking them to tell me just-how-
terrible(!)-it-is-out-there. Out There. I’m sure I’m annoying. I apologize profusely for my cold-weather angst and kvetching. I apologize for all of us Floridians out there bitching about how heinously and unnaturally cold it is. We’re a pain, I know.

Today I decided to brave the elements and run out to get some coffee and groceries (cabin fever was setting in!). It took me a while to talk myself into it, and probably thirty minutes to get dressed. Go ahead and laugh at me but to go outside I wore:

Knee High Socks
Thigh High Leg Warmers
Crinoline (all that nylon-y fluff is a lovely cold deterrent)
Skirt (over the crinoline)
Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt
Cashmere Sweater
Wool Cardigan
Wool Sweater Coat
Wool Coat
and Gloves.

That’s 15 articles of clothing right there (you can see about 7 in that picture up there..). You might think I’m crazy (especially because I packed another cashmere cardigan into my bag just-in-case). And it’s true, I very well might be. But. I walked outside and didn’t feel a thing. I laughed gleefully. And then my face started to hurt.

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(Baby it’s cold outside so have some) *Warm Fuzzies*


Check out this fabulous project by Paperwhite Studio that asks readers to fill in the blank to the question “I love you more than ____” in hopes of departing from the generalized cliche-ness that surrounds many Valentine’s Day offerings. The responses, posted daily, are delightfully and charmingly honest (and funny!) and it’s intriguing to see the things people value most (under love for their partner). The effect is overall sweet and heart-warming but intriguing is the mild whiffs of sadness that wafts through the general sugar-fest. It can be, at times, bittersweet.

A few:

Have an idea of your own? Send it in to

via Swissmiss

In a similar vein is booooooom and Design for Mankind‘s collaborative project Free encouragement. Readers were asked to submit words of encouragement to anyone (just no names) as a reaction to all of the negativity swarming around in the world out there. And the results are quite exceptionally lovely. Here are a few:

To feel the glee visit their submissions result pages. Start here, and keep going if you so desire by clicking on the similar post links near the bottom.

Unfortunately, this part (Part One) of the project is finished BUT there is a Part two(!!) where you can take any of the submissions and turn it into art. Deadline for that bit is February 1st.

via Paperwhite Studio

Only goes to show that 2009 really is all about the happy and all of the things that foster and are tied into that cheerful feeling. Wee!

These projects remind me of Miranda July’s Learning to Love You More site and its spirit.

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And the next thing I knew….


I had been successfully goaded into joining Twitter by the two friends of mine that actually have it. Turns out, I’m actually kind of enjoying it but I kind of feel like I’m talking to myself a bit (*sigh* way too many of my friends are social-networking averse) So, I don’t know how big the Twitterverse is amongst you readers; but if you’re on it feel free to follow. That’s me, Ms. RoyGBiv.

(and that lovely lass up there is the one and only Clara Bow)

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If I were someplace warm…


…I’d want to be wearing this. Somehow, through exploring the vast awesomeness that is the french design mecca Colette’s e-store (since, alas, I am not in Paris) I found myself bizarrely quasi-obsessed with this Tomas Maier swimsuit. Maybe it’s the knots? I’ve been (creatively) knotting up my clothes for a year or so…Probably more? Maybe it’s the color? It’s a really nice shade of pink that I’ve been strangely attracted to (that and a slightly peach-ier version) of late. It  could also be because the temperatures are about to dip into the single digits and I’m tired of wearing an amount of clothing that verges on absurd in order to keep warm; I would really really REALLY love to be sitting outside in the sunshine someplace where I could don something as classy/sexy/sweet/modern as this. Sigh. I’m even imaging all of the ways I could wear it.

I wonder if the knots could be untied……? Hm..

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2009: The Pursuit of Happiness


So, I remember when Pantone announced in December that Mimosa was deemed the color of 2009; and at very first glance I thought hmmm, yellow? Which isn’t to say I have anything against yellow (I mean there was a period about 12 or so years ago when I was OBSESSED with bright yellow smiley faces ((the affection still lingers as you’ll see below))), I was just pondering if the general mainstream public would be down with wearing the cheery hue (since I see so many people regularly decked out in black and generally shying away from Of course, that was mostly just the fashion-y part of me doubting people wanting to be drenched in the color, forgetting that mustard yellow has been in the stars for a bit now (see: here, and here from The City Sage). So I forgot about it (or as it turns out tucked it into the back of my mind).

So when I popped onto my bff Sara’s blog the other day where she posted on the color, and Swissmiss the other morning and saw:

This doodle by Marc Johns

This kickass Rubick’s cube by the swiss Brainstore

Which reminded me of the current issue of Psychology Today (Where I read about Sarah’s Smash Shack):

I thought: Oh yes! Mimosa! DUH!. 2009 is all about The Yellow because it’s all about the pursuit of happiness! And being optimistic even though the world is cloaked in uncertainty! And yellow is a very happy color, and just seeing it in nice little pops and in home decor certainly brings a snap of cheer to your disposition.

And I remembered that we started out the New Year with my smiley face cups:

and that the cork in one of the bottles of wine we drank to celebrate my 25th birthday (in late 2008) urged me to:

and that everyday I’m greeted by these salt and pepper shakers:

So, yes.. get happy people:

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Since my brother DID just call me gadget obsessed


So, I was cruising around Gizmodo just a few minutes ago and my eyes may have bugged out of my head for a just a moment when I saw this massive picture of Brother’s new QuattroT 6000D sewing machine; and I thought damn, that must be one high-tech as hell sewing machine to make an appearance on Gizmodo’s gadget-y fabulous blog. (I mean, a sewing machine on a gadget blog?!)

And my friends, this little (err, big) darling packs a whole LOT of gadget-y goodness. You can sort of tell who they’re aiming to sell this sexy(?) beast to when in a video on their site introducing you to the machine the woman calls it “High-tech but friendly”. Friendly. I can’t lie. I laughed.

This machine has so many features (and some of them are pretty darn cool) that I won’t even attempt to state them. I’m guessing you can get the high-tech vibe just from looking at this picture (HD display!). Do feel free to check out the site though for anything and everything you wanted to know about this verifiable machine.

It certainly makes my little machine look like peanuts, even though it totally has a digital display:

And what about my best friend’s super awesome vintage model (that I’ve always lusted over):

Now. I’m sure that machine is super-duper fabulous for embroidery and quilting… But I wonder how many people would use it for just standard sewing in which case your general sewing machine will do. Or even *Gasp*(!) Your Own Two Hands:

(Yeah, that’s me spending a really long time hand hemming a dress. Because, I don’t always entirely trust my machine for that.)

But who am I kidding? I’d likely get a kick out of being able to get my hands on that Brother QuattroT 6000D for a few minutes (or hours)((or days…)). Because after all I do read up on gadget-y goods regularly and did have a heated debate/argument with my brother on the general superiority/awesomeness of the iPhone and Apple products. Function AND Form, Baby. (Not uncommonly way too lacking in gadgets)

(Just remember darlings: I’m high-tech but friendly)

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Is it a scarf? Is it a necklace? Is it a super-cool cowl necked accessory?! Check out the neato Necklush made out of free-form cotton loops bundled together so that they can be worn multiple ways; and we all know I LOVE things that you can wear multiple ways. I also enjoy the pasta-y feel that these have… but maybe that’s just because I kind of live on it.

I bet you could do some fun stuff with this.. Maybe even knot/braid some of your own fabric into it, or wrap some jewelry into it. Hm. The pastabilities are endless.. (okay okay… that was lame.)

via Modish

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