I have secretly always wished for a place like this…


… and I was maybe just a little bit tickled to find out that Sarah’s Smash Shack exists. Sarah Lavely and Ed King opened Smash Shack when one day, during a particularly low point in her life, Sarah woke up and thought about how much she wanted break something and thought that maybe just maybe other people felt the same way. Annnnd it turns out they do! I’ve most definetly been wanting a place like this for years, as I’ve always imagined that it would feel really gratifying in some weird to way to break something when you’re in a bad way. Too bad it’s in San Diego. Ms. Lavely should think about franchising this brilliant idea. I think a LOT of people in New York City (um, and everywhere actually) would benefit.

You can either buy smashables at the store or bring your own. Or, of course, you can just take a hammer to them in your own backyard..(right, mom?).

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