2009: The Pursuit of Happiness


So, I remember when Pantone announced in December that Mimosa was deemed the color of 2009; and at very first glance I thought hmmm, yellow? Which isn’t to say I have anything against yellow (I mean there was a period about 12 or so years ago when I was OBSESSED with bright yellow smiley faces ((the affection still lingers as you’ll see below))), I was just pondering if the general mainstream public would be down with wearing the cheery hue (since I see so many people regularly decked out in black and generally shying away from any.color.at.all). Of course, that was mostly just the fashion-y part of me doubting people wanting to be drenched in the color, forgetting that mustard yellow has been in the stars for a bit now (see: here, and here from The City Sage). So I forgot about it (or as it turns out tucked it into the back of my mind).

So when I popped onto my bff Sara’s blog the other day where she posted on the color, and Swissmiss the other morning and saw:

This doodle by Marc Johns

This kickass Rubick’s cube by the swiss Brainstore

Which reminded me of the current issue of Psychology Today (Where I read about Sarah’s Smash Shack):

I thought: Oh yes! Mimosa! DUH!. 2009 is all about The Yellow because it’s all about the pursuit of happiness! And being optimistic even though the world is cloaked in uncertainty! And yellow is a very happy color, and just seeing it in nice little pops and in home decor certainly brings a snap of cheer to your disposition.

And I remembered that we started out the New Year with my smiley face cups:

and that the cork in one of the bottles of wine we drank to celebrate my 25th birthday (in late 2008) urged me to:

and that everyday I’m greeted by these salt and pepper shakers:

So, yes.. get happy people:

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