(Baby it’s cold outside so have some) *Warm Fuzzies*


Check out this fabulous project by Paperwhite Studio that asks readers to fill in the blank to the question “I love you more than ____” in hopes of departing from the generalized cliche-ness that surrounds many Valentine’s Day offerings. The responses, posted daily, are delightfully and charmingly honest (and funny!) and it’s intriguing to see the things people value most (under love for their partner). The effect is overall sweet and heart-warming but intriguing is the mild whiffs of sadness that wafts through the general sugar-fest. It can be, at times, bittersweet.

A few:

Have an idea of your own? Send it in to love@paperwhite-studio.com

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In a similar vein is booooooom and Design for Mankind‘s collaborative project Free encouragement. Readers were asked to submit words of encouragement to anyone (just no names) as a reaction to all of the negativity swarming around in the world out there. And the results are quite exceptionally lovely. Here are a few:

To feel the glee visit their submissions result pages. Start here, and keep going if you so desire by clicking on the similar post links near the bottom.

Unfortunately, this part (Part One) of the project is finished BUT there is a Part two(!!) where you can take any of the submissions and turn it into art. Deadline for that bit is February 1st.

via Paperwhite Studio

Only goes to show that 2009 really is all about the happy and all of the things that foster and are tied into that cheerful feeling. Wee!

These projects remind me of Miranda July’s Learning to Love You More site and its spirit.

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