You turn me inside out


You may have noticed a steadily increasing number of variations and offerings of the rib cage hoodie and t-shirt (such as Take a Halliday’s hand-made offering above)and even more recently(ish) an increasing amount of depictions of the human anatomical form being used in a variety of clothes, accessories, art, and furniture. I’ve been interested in such things for a couple of years but have been seeing more and more of it lately and now am thoroughly intrigued as to how much into the super mainstream these ideas will follow. I was seeing some more offerings in blogs and in my further searching found a blog that’s been devoted entirely to the art of the human guts for about a year now: Street Anatomy (click here for solely clothing/product oriented postings)

Some anatomical curiosities from around the web:

Here is Adrian Vanallen wearing a dress that honors Robert Hook, an 18th century anatomist who theorized that there were mini-humans in our cells. article via cnet

Stomach full of butterflies necklace from TillyBloom

Awesome chair by + Fauteuil Tante Wera /AK-LH aka Aksel et Le Helloco / Limited editions signed and numbered 7. from I Love Bad Things, and notcot

Conceptual socks by Anton Repponen, via Design You Trust

Red heart necklace from Paraphernalia.

Sture Pallarp‘s x-ray lamp, as displayed on DesignZen

DNA, Cell, and Neuron jewelry by Sacred Body.

I can’t help but be fascinated with this presenting of our insides onto the outside of our selves. Could it be some permutation of the “wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve” adage? A literal rebellion against our evolving forms of communication skills and keeping what’s really inside from view? A statement that we are all the same inside? That it’s what inside that matters. And sort of following on that little train of thought: maybe it has something to do with health? The millions without insurance;the eternal quest to keep our insides healthy and spic-and-span…. oh I could go on and on.

Or maybe it’s just to show that you’ve got Guts (*winks*):

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