Eat my sunshine dust


I’m really not sure when the last time I rode a bicycle was; but when I saw the yellow Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i bicycle I couldn’t help but long to be peddling around the streets of the city. It’s pretty much the cutest damned bicycle I’ve ever seen (it even has a bell!). And then I found out that it also comes in ridiculously fabulous red and white designs too(!) and I swooned some more:

I picture myself on one of these darlings riding along in my Suzy Sunshine Dress (what I call my white sundress with massive yellow flowers) with my sweet little flats that tie around my ankles, and maybe a little headpiece. I’d feel like the harbinger of spring! Because, really, it couldn’t come faster.


Frankly, Mr. Winter, you can kiss my ass and eat my (sunshine) dust.

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  1. YEAH!!! You fixed the comment thing!!! I’m going to shower you with comments. I love these bikes. The white one is so cute. I haven’t ridden a bike for so long I don’t even think I know how anymore.

    Follow my blog!! It’ll be fun!!!

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