Getting Ants-y


I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve been spotting a growing amount of ants (and some other creepy crawling critters) in design popping up. Frances Wadsworth-Jones (via The Carrotbox) uses ants in her Worker’s collection in a subtle way. Seemingly normal jewelry reveals, upon closer inspection, a slew of worker ants putting the piece together. Ms. Wadsworth-Jones comments that this collection was “Inspired by ants’ industry and Imbued with the value of time, ‘workers’ mischievously explores the realities of everyday life we often disregard as unimportant or unpleasant and celebrates the marvels to be found if we look at anything closely enough.” Her Bugly and Heaven Sent collections also invite you to look closer at the pieces to find unexpected results and/or details. The Heaven sent collection, for instance, is comprised of brooches that from afar appear to be, well, bird-droppings – an unfortunate experience for anyone; however, when you look closer you realize that the piece is comprised entirely of precious and semi-precious stones!

Then I stumbled upon Karıncalı’s ant covered cups and spoon on Notcot. These ants evoke an evasion of the critters like you may experience during an outdoor picnic:

Liz Saintsing silk screens ants, roaches, and other creepy crawlers (in addition to some other nature inspired elements) onto vintage bags and accessories, like this vintage hat-box found on theReForm School website:

Showpony (aka Emma Henderson) uses ants in her Kitchen Commandments collection. The ants tell you to “Keep it Clean”, which is important (at least in South Florida where I grew up) if you wanted to avoid a sugar-ant invasion. Of course, it also applies to the whole picnic scenario, too. Haha. In her Hiding Place collection, she uses a pattern that hides spiders and beetles within the folds of the fabric.

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