Combat, Baby


I have been needing new boots for some time now, but am annoyingly picky. For some reason I am not quite as shoe obsessed as one might expect seeing as how into style and whatnot I am.  In fact, I have a whole bunch of shoes still hanging out untouched in bags from when I moved from the third floor down to the first while I defer to a select few that I wear nonstop. I’ll happily buy vintage dresses all wily-nilly, but on the whole I tend to think a whole lot more before I buy a pair of shoes. Weird. I know.

I’ve got a certain type of shoe/boot in mind, but unfortunately they seem to be a bit of a pain to track down. From my research, they tend to be either men’s shoes, or vintage. Now, I have no problem with vintage, naturally; the problem is finding them in the correct look AND the correct size, as I seem to find an abundance of larger sizes. Hmph. Also, I’m mildly dubious of buying shoes online. My feet are picky.

So yes, during my research of attempting to figure out what to call the kind of shoe/boot I’ve had  hankering for I seem to have come across a kind of amusing array of descriptions for these shoes that lead me to believe that I must want to be a…

Victorian grunge pixie granny heading off into combat:

Here we have grunge combat, with maybe a teeny dose of granny. Not sure if I *love* the gray, but I like the scuffed up-ness to them. Granted I have a pair of boots I’ve had for 5 or so years that have gotten this ruffed up look the natural way. No need to pay oodles of extra dough for that lived in look. Tough cheese-its for me though, regardless, since they’re men’s. Boo. (Men’s Diesel from Oak)

These are more victorian granny pixie. I love them, but they’re size 9. (Putonthatdress)

Victorian pixie granny. *Love* the little details. (vintage size 6.5 from Santokivintage)

Victorian pixie granny without much combat and little to no grunge. These are sort of my size, but I’m unsure if I can rock the purple-y burgundy shade with everything. Thinking about it though.  (vintage size 6B from Skinny and Bernie)

Grunge combat with a touch of Victorian. I had been thinking that I likely prefer this style in one of the brown-y/caramel-y sorts of shades, with the possible exception of Red. Because for some reason, I can seem to make red work with most everything. And I’ve always had a thing for red shoes. (vintage size 8 from James Rowland Shop)

Veering off onto a tangent!….

I could also really go for some sweet little Repetto ballet flats:

They’re adorable and oh-so-classic. I’d take them in the black (available at Creatures of Comfort) because they’re just *that* awesome, but I’d be oh so thoroughly tickled by a pair in ballet-slipper pink. Because I’ve been tempted to just wear an old pair of ballet shoes out, but I know that the streets of the city probably wouldn’t like them too much. No sir. I know they exist in such color, even if they are hard to track down without going to the Repetto store in Paris (*ahem* not that I’d have a problem with that), where I’ve read about them existing in nearly every color:

(pic from BusinessWeek)

Veering back on sort-of-track…

These Moschino for Repetto darlings (see article here) are an almost meshing of these two desired styles. At least in my twisted little brain.But seriously I really love the surrealist-ish wood-grain fading into leather style. And the sweet little flower! Who can resist? Not I. It’s as though our Victorian pixie granny decided to forgo combat and instead put on some slippers and walked through her little secret red door and into her happy place among the trees (scroll down to my last post or click).

Too bad I can’t buy them. *sniffle*

And so the quest continues.

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  1. I’m surprised your not looking into horse riding boots. they are like really comfy. i mean they would have to be since your riding a fucking horse. those ankle boot things are so ugly!!! its like those shoes that western ladies where. they are so unflattering and make your feet look giantimugoius.

  2. I already have a pair of equestrian styled boots that I love, but the zipper is busted. I think these kinds of ankle boots look pretty swell, as I’ve seen worn really well on some people and I think I like the whole shorter boot look, as most of mine go up to my calves or knees. I think some of the super-combat-y ones make your feet look big and clunky though. But, the whole how they would look on me issue is why I’m dubious of buying them online; I’d much rather be able to try them on. :)

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