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I was recently tagged my awesome firecracker of a best friend over at Sara Says Awesome for that whole Tell Everyone Six Random Things About You meme. I already relented and took part in the Facebook version and debated about going another round with this one but figured, hey, why not. You’re SO excited, I can tell. And so, here are six things about me:

I really love pepper. I put it on almost everything. My motto is “pepper makes everything better”, and I have corrupted many people into believing the same. I’ve been known to delightfully inhale the fresh peppery aroma from my little pepper grinder, and once I even brought a little pepper shaker with me to a Chinese New Year event in college because I was 90% sure they wouldn’t have any. I was right. Actually, Ms. Sara’s dad once told me he’d get me a little pepper tree; yet, here I am six years later still sadly (*tear*) without.

I used to have a sea green 1996 Corolla. I loved that car. People could spot me a mile away, especially since I had the inside thoroughly decorated. Massive fake rose tied to the rear-view mirror, a tied-dyed back cushion, and glow in the dark stars on the dashboard, steering wheel (they swirled in a really lovely way when U-turning), and ceiling (yeah, Sara got sick from licking them to help make them stick). I still get all sentimental whenever I see one.

I’d really love to live in Paris someday. I lived there for a month during a study abroad trip and I felt so very at home; it was the first place I felt that I fit into. Being there for that time is a huge part of who I am today. Of course, I’d also love to live in Hong Kong for a spell. Hong Kong is awesome. Actually, I think I’ve wanted to live in nearly every country I’ve visited (for a period of time). It’s a great experience… to really sort of immerse yourself in another culture and appreciate the similarities and differences. Don’t get me wrong, though: I love New York City.

I have seen every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. That’s what happens when you’re at your dad’s house as a kid and you’re outnumbered by your dad and brother. I was dragged to car shows, computer and gadget stores (ad naseum)((as in, we hung out there)), and sci-fi tv and movies, etc. It’s why I now like these things for the most part (cars still don’t really do it for me – unless it looks really cool) despite being arty, fashion-y, etc. It’s ok, though, I got to watch my brother suffer through a few musicals, too, in addition to all of my dance recitals.

Speaking of which: I love to dance. I’ve been twinkle-toeing since I was a wee-thing and even though I haven’t taken a class since college (or performed *tear* since high school) I still tend to a) dance anywhere/everywhere/to anything (almost) and b) choreograph entire performaces in my head (headphones on and while wandering around the city). Maybe not in exceptional detail, but the feel, and the setting, and the costumes, etc. I’m maybe still a teeny bit bitter that my winterguard instructors wouldn’t let me help design our show costumes.

And, since I don’t talk about it much, and haven’t done much of it in a while: I can/do actually design and make clothes. How do you like my colorful dress? A good chunk of me is (and, well, always is) itching to get back into my delightful obsession with the creation of clothes. Feel free to poke, prod, and goad me.

(I do love it, but I’m a perfectionist. For example, picture: Tilly powering down Main Street toting bags of fabric, sewing tools, patterning tools, large roll of patterning paper along with books for my other classes sobbing/hyperventilating/ranting on the phone to my mother because I was sent (because I had to *ahem* special order it) the wrong shade of blue, and it totally wasn’t silk charmeuse but some way-too-stiff satin, and How Could I Make a WATER Dress if it’s the Wrong Shade of Blue and the fabric DOESN’T Flow Like a Freaking Waterfall. It’s Supposed to Be A WATERFALL, DAMMIT! In my defense, I also wasn’t getting much sleep. At All. And I definitely used all of that strife to rock my theater class role of Yelena from Uncle Vanya (which is where I went immediately after that phone call). And the dress came out gorgeous.)((clap hands if you relate))

Oh hey! Look! There’s six things about me.

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  1. AWWWWW!!!! I love you more. You know bc of your car I can’t even look at a glow star. I get vomit bubbles in my stomach. I do miss your car. Its true you did get me hooked to pepper. My dad remembers, he thought you thought him weird. But he says they sell a bunch in FL in Fort Lauderdale. I also have seen every episode of next generation!

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