A cardboard house of my own.


I was most definitely tickled to see this cardboard children’s playhouse entitled “villa julia” by Javiar Mariscal for Magis meant to put together by children (with the help of an adult) and colored in however they choose. It reminded me the “clubhouse” my friend and I built out of a massive cardboard box when we were children for our “Wildcats Club”.

We cut out windows, covered the outside in multiple types of wrapping paper, and the inside with stickers and club mantra type things (we were all “girl power”!-esque). We had a list of rules for entry on our “door”. It was pretty rad, and we had lots of fun squished inside when we weren’t gallivanting around the neighborhood, climbing up trees, challenging the neighborhood boys to water-gun/balloon fights, or working at our street-side “store”/lemon-aid stand/concert hall (also made out of a cardboard box).

This color-in-able one looks pretty neat, too. Certainly more spacious and has a definite “house-y” vibe to it. Looks like an adult might even be able to fit inside? Maybe? I think it’d be an amusing addition to my living room. Actually, some of the local Bushwick-y artist lofts could set up a bunch of them and call them rooms. And, hey! If the economy dives down much more, we can all start living in them. We could have a cardboard house town! Artsy poverty. It’s where it’s at.

But, for kids: never underestimate the power of a massive cardboard box(es), art supplies, and some imagination.  That way they can make a house/clubhouse/rocket-ship/bakery/school/dress-shop/store/recording studio/ etc. The possibilities are endless. And cute.

via Design Boom

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