My heart belongs to a Dandylion


This made me smile in a hardcore sort of way. Because, well, a wee bit of dandy-ism never hurt anyone. Just last week, in fact, my roommate quipped that I ought to have a dandy Boy.

Anyway, so I saw this oh-so-dear dandy of a lion while tumbling on Tumblr (more specifically, here)((I’m a little delightfully overwhelmed by all of the awesome imagery I keep stumbling upon)) and followed the breadcrumbs to William Staehle’s Silhouette Master Theatre and I’m kind of in love. Some of them are like Someecards meets Steampunk. Ahem:

I do believe, however, that I love the dandylion most of all.

P.S. Mr. Staehle is also lonewolfblacksheep
P.P.S You can also buy Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre prints.

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