I’d probably be in big trouble if I were in Ecuador


In case you didn’t know: I’m a color addict.

Which is why seeing this Pantone calendar some months ago by design duo StokkeAustad got me feeling all giggly like a little schoolgirl swept up in her first crush. Each color has a date printed on it, and every day you remove one. This removal makes me sad. I, for one, simply adore this massive swath of color euphoria; disrupting it just may break my heart.

Of course, I also remembered that I pretty much collect paint swatches. They’re kind of my favorite. I sweep into a hardware store and start plucking them one by one, trying to be quasi-discreet, hoping nobody will stop me and start asking questions. Clearly, if I were in Ecuador, I’d be getting myself into big trouble:

(The sign reads, *ahem*: “Don’t take more than two.”)(photo here)

I first started collecting them for their intended purpose, and then branched out into taking as many as I could when I realized how helpful they are when concocting color stories for design projects. Then, darlings, I started decorating with them. In my old place in Delawhere (“The Pomegranate Estate”), I cut them up into their little individual squares/rectangles and created a design on my bedroom door with them (sadly, no pictures). In my little Brooklyn apartment (as yet unnamed) I’ve been using them in their entirety like this:

I’m not sure if it’s done yet; and, sorry that some seem to be a touch wobbly and crooked at the moment, and that the lighting isn’t so hot. I’ve sort of integrated them with photos of “happy places”. It’s kind of my elaborate headboard (the fire and lightbulb pictures are at the ends of the bed) but has been sort of showing promise of working its way over the entire wall. The original plan/general idea was to have the bottom be earthy, ground tones moving up through green grass, tree, and some flowery colors into colors of they sky (and water, too) and into dark, night-y upper reaches of the atmosphere colors. Like I said, likely not officially done (evolution!) and I did sort of toss colors in there, too (because they were needed and/or I really liked the colors and wanted them there *blushes*). It makes me smile pretty much whenever I walk into my room.

… and I still have a rather large pile of paint swatches itching to be used. Hmmm….

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  1. Oh, I’m so glad! Isn’t color wonderful? Thanks so much for stopping by and feel free to poke around for more color inspiration (it’s a sort of goal in life for me to help people stop being afraid of color). :)

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