Farewell, dear laundromat!


My apartment now has the holy grail: a washing machine and dryer. (As yet unnamed. Presently wears a heart-shaped post-it that reads: “Sexy Beast”)

*does a happy dance*

The only thing I’ll miss is getting all dolled up (see: pink polka-dotted sundress in February) to go do laundry. It was kind of fun to perplex people. (again: pink sundress)

Also, it can sometimes be good to go a long time without doing your laundry because then you can explore your wardrobe options. Sometimes you find things you forgot you owned and then they become your next favorite thing (see: little-boy cardigan with embroidered penguin!)! Granted, that might also happen as I dig through the pile of clothes in the back of my closet that just never seemed to make the Wash-Me-Please priority list.

And now, if I felt like it, I could do laundry at 4am while dancing around in my underwear. Freedom, baby. Freedom.

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  1. oh, congratulations!!! i had to go to the laundromat every stinking weekend for years, and i hated it. but now i have my own at home and it is so fab to do it whenever i want. now if i could just find someone to fold it all and put it away.

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty exciting! I hate going so much that I usually would go 4 to 6 weeks without doing it. I have a lot of clothes and buy A LOT of underwear to make this possible. But it was annoying because by the time I really HAD to do it, I would have so so much. I felt like Santa wandering around with a massive bag of laundry. Now, I’m excited because technically I can do it every week if I wanted like back when I lived at home. It’s a kind of trippy thought, haha. And yes, putting it all away is no fun either. No fun at all.

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