Planted words grow into flowers


Please Plant this Book, was first published in 1968 by Richard Brautigan. Eight poems were printed onto little pockets that contained seeds:

(Please, someone, tell me if you cannot read the images. I can post the words, too, if need-be; I just don’t want to be redundant assuming they are.)

What a marvelously charming idea. I first read “Squash” somewhere where it was entirely separated from this whole book/idea and loved it. I found all of these while googling Squash to make sure I had the wording right so that I could plop it into my quote/poem book (i collect them). When I saw these, I was so touched by the sweetness of the idea I think I teared up a bit.

I thought that it would be swell for them to reprint it! And then I remembered that I once bought a Cargo lipstick that came packaged in a box that contained seeds so that you could plant it, thereby created flowers, not waste. And I thought that perhaps it would possibly be possible nowadays to have the actual pages of poems contain the seeds (as opposed to being a packet). I really love the idea of actually being able to plant the words.

I thought about how very lovely the whole idea is to being able to have words/thoughts/poem sprout flowers, and I wondered if they sold seed paper. And they do! (examples: here and here; or you could make your own). There are so many fabulous applications! Writing letters on them, naturally, planting your thoughts/words/wishes and hopes. What if there were a whole journal made out of seed paper! You could plant your past (because who hasn’t thought about getting rid of the evidence, ha)!

The time is right to mix sentences
sentences with dirt and the sun
with punctuation and the rain with
verbs, and for worms to pass
through question marks, and the
stars to shine down on budding
nouns, and the dew to form on

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  1. That is some deep shit. is the paper the deep thoughts printed on colorful like that? pretty. you could rip out the pages and tape it to the wall, instant color and inspirational words.

  2. Isn’t it lovely. It was limited edition of 1,000, I think, produced in 1968. The poems are printed on little packets which contain the seeds to be planted. Nowadays, it could be possible to print them on paper that actually contains the seeds, though, which I think would be pretty neat.

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