If you don’t have a field of flowers to run through…


Make a pair of flower covered shoes and you don’t need one, because the field is on your feet!

A friend directed me towards Weardrobe.com: A fashion/personal-style oriented social networking sort of site where you take pictures of your clothing ensembles and post them online to share. You can tag all of your clothing articles so that you and others can see how you wear a particular item in different ways. It’s also fun to just dig around and look at other people’s style.

Doing just this, I spotted one user’s do-it-yourself flower shoes (view her page). Created by hot-gluing some fake flowers onto some thrift shop shoes and adding a ribbon. I think it’s a pretty darned cute idea! If you don’t like this particular iteration, you could always tweak it to work for you. Add flowers to a different style of shoe like some boots (!) or mens style shoes (!) or just a sweet little pair of sandals (!).

You could buy really high quality silk flowers, vintage-y velvet flowers, beaded or rhinestone-y flowers, or hey you can paint them too. In any different colors you wanted!

Personally, I think it’s a super amusing idea, and it would be lovely to prance around in them come springtime (which, as I always mention, can’t get here soon enough for me). Granted, I’ve always had a thing for flower-y things, including shoes. In facts, as soon as I started this post I was reminded of a pair of boots I saw at Anthropologie last fall:

Personally, when I tracked them down a few minutes ago I thought that they weren’t quite as pretty as I had remembered. But, still, I like the idea. I think I’d like it better if the boots were flatter and didn’t have that western tinge to them… maybe if they were a darker brown, too. In my search for images of the Anthro boots, I (re)discovered:

The Doc Marten vintage flower boots. Then I remembered that my cousin had a pair when she was a teenager. As a kid, I always hoped she’d grow out of them and that I’d inherit them, like I had some many other cool clothes (yeah, I’ve been a second-hand rose most of my life). Alas. If I want them I’ll have to track them down, illusive like my additional post of my ideal boot. My mind all thoroughly aflutter with flower-y shoes, I then thought of:

Prada’s Spring 2008 Art-nouveau flower heels. I fell in love with them immediately. In fact, I loved and lusted for the whole collection. I don’t wear heels much (since I do a ton of walking), but if I had these babies (any of their flower heeled shoes) I would have teeter-tottered between wearing them to death and worshiping them as the most loveliest shoes ever. Of course since I was googling flower-y shoes I also stumbled upon:

These gorgeous heels are by Mai Lamore and are quite luxurious: The heels are 18k gold, the silk for the petals is hand-dyed, and the little bee is made from gold, onyx, and agate. They ring in at a whopping $27,945. Just a tad expensive, but you can use some of the details as inspiration! I personally love the way the rose cups the heel.

Use them all for inspiration, use your imagination, and your hands and create something yourself! It’ll likely be a whollllle lot cheaper and you get to have the really awesome feeling of telling people you made it yourself when you get stopped by admirers. As a designer who proudly gallivants about town in my own creations, I can assure you it’s a nice feeling.

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