Sing it Sita!


“Sita Sings the Blues” is an animated film – using four(!) different animation styles, mind you- created single-handedly by animator Nina Paley that weaves together two stories in some delightful ways. Sita in the Indian epic of Ramayana and Nina both have stories that share a common thread despite the 3,000 or so year gap between them: their men have done them wrong. Paley gives Sita a voice in the form of 1920’s jazz singer Annette Hanshaw; shadow puppets argue over the story’s details; and we watch a contemporary version of Sita’s story with Nina.

Whet your palette with one of the musical scenes:

There is so much awesomeness in this movie and frankly it’ll be hard for me to elaborate without bursting into tangent after tangent. I’ve been scratching my head just thinking about how to do it; so I’m not. Just watch it. You can do it online for free:

“I want the audience to distribute the film for me…I’m surrendering to it, I’m allowing it to happen. I’ve been so encourage by the audience. They are doing so much work. You have to pay for advertising and they are just getting the word out and I love that. I also don’t want anybody to not to be able to see the film because they don’t have any money.” –Nina Paley

+watch or download the movie
+Sita Sings the Blues website: anything and everything else you could want to know.

P.S. In the very beginning, there’s a peacock record player: I kind of really want one.

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