Oh, Hi Future! : Sixth Sense


Check out the trippy awesomeness:

It’s like in Minority Report when Tom Cruise was moving things around on the screen with his fingers except, conceptually, with this you can use any surface as your “screen”: The book you’re holding, the plane ticket in your hand, your actual hand, and of course the wall, etc. It’s interesting in the way that it would make us so much more integrated and tied into technology, but it also makes technology sort of more organic and unobtrusive. Instead of taking out a camera and snapping a picture, you could just make a “camera” shape with your fingers and *poof* a picture is taken. If you wanted to look something up, you wouldn’t have to pull out your iPhone/smart phone or computer.

It could bring a whole new dimension to the collection of information and perhaps the creation of art and ideas, since essentially you could sort of “reach” inside of the computer and move things around with your hands (like I discussed wanting to do here). I’m remembering this afternoon when I was reading the New Yorker and wanted to write down a few quotes from an article that was written by Ariel Levy about Alber Elbaz of Lanvin to share with you cats and kittens.

Unfortunately, you have to have a subscription (or pay) to read the whole thing online. I didn’t have my computer with me, so I thought I’d jot a few bits down by hand, but soon got tired and kind of gave up after I realized I wanted to copy a decent sized chunk or two (don’t fret, you can catch the gist at Fashionologie and/or Jezebel if you feel so inclined ((there is a touch of (fashion-y) nudity in the Jezebel one, so if that sort of stuff offends don’t click)). And, after seeing this Sixth Sense gadget, I’m imagining being able to either hold my fingers between the lines I wanted to copy, or run my finger over them highlighter style. Wouldn’t that be extra handy! Imagine how much easier it could have made research paper writing! There’s probably some copyright legal stuff that would have to be worked out/ worried about, but used properly and honestly, I think it’d be really cool : Your finger(s) could be the scanner, and you could automatically file the info wherever it was suitable.

Also! Imagine if you could use it to measure things! If you were looking at some vintage dress (or well any article of clothing) and you wanted to know the measurement of some seam, you could measure it between your fingers and you would tell you its length! Oh man, I could go on and on about the cool ways I’d want to use something like this. I’ll stop now, and let you do some imagining of your own before this becomes a novel.

Now, all they need to do is make it prettier. (*raises hand eagerly wanting to help*)

via Gizmondo!

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