Down the Rabbit Hole


I feel like I’ve been seeing a LOT of rabbits/bunnies (literally and/or as inspiration/interpretation ((like Mr. Albaz from the post below)) lately. So many that even though I’ve been tempted to cull a “look how many bunnies I’ve spotted” post, I’m simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of them. Anybody with me? (I can do a bunny post should it be requested/desired, by the way.)

Lots of Alice in Wonderland references fluttering around, too.

Are we all starting to feel a bit like we’ve followed a pocket-watch toting white rabbit down a hole and landed in a world where everything is a little (or a lot) mixed up?!

Certainly, we all feel a little bit like this, sometimes:

The (absolutely lovely) above painting is by Mary Blair, whose work was often used as inspiration for Disney’s animated films. Click on her name to see a flickr set of a chunk of her work. Also recently available is a newly released book of Disney’s adaptation of Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, with Blair’s illustrations.

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  1. Ooooh I’m loving the whole bunny/ Alice thing going on atm! I’m obsessed with Alice In Wonderland, and I’m afraid (or, rather looking forward to) that after Tim Burtons Alice comes out, I will literally mutate into a femme madhatter. Squeeee!!!!!
    Me likes this blog by the way! Awesome Sara linked you in a post recently,and she is a funny little fucker, and i understand that you are friends, so I suspect you are a pretty cool lady!

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