Oh, Teal! You still have my heart, you do.


Looking at these colors makes me a tad giddy. I had a *major* teal fixation for a couple of years, and it appears it hasn’t worn completely off yet. It’s definitely one of my favorite colors. Now I’m missing my teal room. Sigh.

But, it appears that I may’ve found my answer for my fall ’08 querry of “why in the hell am I suddenly buying button up shirts when for so long I’ve abhorred them?!” Menswear, loves; Menswear. Duh.

Annie Hall! Depression era newboys! Hmmm. And I must admit to have been craving for a bit of time (in anticipation of spring/summer) some wispy little 30’s inspired dresses.

photo via Garance Dore

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  1. i had a teal car a while back (a hand-me-down from the parents), and that was really tough for me to deal with. but teal in clothing is a good thing. not so much on a car, tho.

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