Amelia Waits


Stumbled upon this mesmerizing clip from the ballet film Amelia (2002), performed by the ballet company La La La Human Steps and choreographed by Edouard Lock. The score is comprised of lyrics from Velvet Underground(!) songs (i.e Lou Reed)  combined with violin, cello, and piano arrangements written by David Lang; this particular portion uses the song “Waiting for my Man”. A commenter on neatorama who saw Amelia performed live (it really is that fast!) says the piece is “essentially about the nature of love, and the increasingly blurred divide between the human and the artificial and how that affects our ability to love and be loved”.

My interest has certainly been piqued after reading more about it (and just finding out it was an entire 130 minute film!), and I’m curious and itching to see the whole film.

I’m also aching for my pointe shoes (this always happens after I’ve watched a dance performance), and intrigued about this company. Seems like it’d sure be fun to dance with them! Apparently, in another portion of this film there is a pas de deux where both dancers (one man and one women) are dressed as men and both are on pointe!

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  1. I am moved by the classical moves coupled with the modern touches. You could read the story on their faces and the movements of their bodies. The music was hauntingly beautiful and the choreography amazing. They stayed in character the whole time- an amazing feat. To dance with such precision and passion- looks deceptively easy; yet we know how very difficult that compostition was. I would love to see more work by these talented dancers and choreographers.

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