It’s true. I’m a Nerd


(Because) I quite literally swooned when I saw this book/stair-case. There’s just something about books, and lots of them that makes me feel a little giddy. Just to be surrounded by them. I actually like, in this instance, how close everything is together. As much as I enjoy the idea of having a large little library of my own someday, this reminds me of curling up in stacks of the basement of my university’s library and pouring over vintage magazines for hours.

Another thing that I adore about this, is that it’s essentially a sort of secret staircase that leads up to a lofted bedroom (lit by roof lights *melt*). And I’ve always loved the idea of having a little secret staircase. I’d probably love to do up the lofted bedroom to have a sort of ethereal treehouse feel. Maybe. It would feel like your own little hideaway.

And one of the awesome things about so many books is that together they create such a gorgeous visual eye-candy of color and texture. Combine that with my love of words, and *boom* it’s love. (Don’t even get me started of some of those book displays where everything is arranged by color).

All that’s left to send me in to a full-blown book/library-gasm is to make it so that you pull one of the books all-old-school-style and an extra super secret passageway opens up to some other little. I think I’d pass out.

Designed by Levitate Architects and spotted on Apartment Therapy

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