My dad really likes wine (in a collector-y way, that is). And so, having been given sips/tastes of wine since childhood I grew up to really like wine, too. Yes, I was the weird kid at college parties thinking while begrudgingly sipping some godawful beer or jungle-juice that what I could really go for would be a nice glass of red wine.

Serious wine-age

So, these wine-glass lights made me laugh! And I thought about how one could devote a whole room’s decor to a wine theme. Like using old bottles and corks and whatnot. I think it could be neat to have a TON of these wine-glass-lights dotted all over the room at slightly varying lengths. And the lights inside are LED and good to shine for 30,000 or so hours (aka about 10 years), so you don’t need to worry about how to change them!

By Oooms and spotted on Design Boom

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  1. Yeah. I’m not 100% sure either. I think it’s amusing though, and I think a lot would depend on how it were used and/or the rest of the room’s decor. I’m just a goofy fan of things being used outside of their intended purpose :).

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