Wood you turn the music up, please?


I have a crush on these radios made from sustainably grown wood by Areaware. There’s something mildly toy-ish about them in their simplicity; and yet grown up, too. I love how organic they make technology. A lot of attempts have come out goofy before, but these are wonderfully executed. (available at Velocity)

Also to be applauded, are the gorgeous wooden turntables by Audiowood. I saw them while in the midst of a ireallywantarecordplayersoicanfinallyplaymyrecordsagain binge and they’ve been hanging out in a browser tab awaiting posting even though they’ve already been making their way through the blogosphere.

And since I did admit to being a bit of a record player binge, here are a two gratuitous vintage record player shots:

hand-painted Beatles goodness by OmGurl

It’s yellow! And plays 8-tracks, too. Johnnyvintage

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