We’re golden


Love the red poppies (and shoes! ((i always love red shoes)). Love the lapis blue dress. Love the hint of green. Love the golden sky and swirling pink clouds. All of the colors just really work together so well.  You can’t help but pick up a little Wizard of Oz and/or Chronicles of Naria vibe. (Samantha Zaza does some lovely work!)

Personally, I like gold paint, and I tend to keep a tube or two around. Though they mostly hearken back to The Pomegranate Estate days (2004-2006), when  Bunny and I had our hearts set on covering the walls in lyrics hand-painted in antique gold. We set to it one tipsy evening but realized it would take longer than we thought to get the whole wall covered. You wouldn’t think it’d be a deterrent as we would not uncommonly wind up staying up all night doing such mundane sewing tasks as hemming a dress (by hand), or making buttonholes. We did indeed have odd priorities sometimes, haha.

Anyway, what we did get done most certainly had a nice effect. It was relatively subtle, but it popped a bit more when the light was shining directly on it.

Hmm. If only our favorite green chair were blue, then this would be a definite roomified version of the painting.

Sorry for the posting poky-ness, loves. Been pondering up some longer posts but have to re-track everything down. Oops. So easy to get lost and turned around in these vast and ever-expanding interwebs, sometimes – even when you leave yourself little “breadcrumbs.”

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