Fascinated by: Amanda Wachob tattoos (*updated)


Spotted this tattoo by artist Amanda Wachob described as a “distilled water tattoo” and became immediately fascinated. I scurried lickety-split to her (tattoo) site and eagerly ogled pictures of her “bloodline” tattoos which are created using distilled water as opposed to ink, and are impermanent; “An ideographic shape carries thought and stands for something beyond itself. It is intended that as your body heals the mark, the symbol’s energies are absorbed.” It’s like an art hickey.

Wachob also creates beautiful abstract paint swash-y tattoos. I’m pretty amazed at those too, and I imagine it takes a certain kind of skill to render such realistic depictions of paint swashed onto skin.

She certainly makes me kind of intrigued about getting a tattoo. I think something like either of these would be pretty fun; and hey, the distilled water kind isn’t permanent. Might kind suck though to get tattoo-needled only to have it disappear. But I kind of like that idea, too. Deep transientness. Interestingly enough, she works right here in NYC at Daredevil Tattoo. Tempting.

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  1. hmmmmm…tempting-I love good tatoos but can’t imagine committing any of my skin real estate to them for life so these…..

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