Wonderland Coffee (and stuff?!) Stand


I am quite fairly charmed by Martin Horgan‘s “Coffee Ceremony” stand recently shown at the Stockholm Furniture Fair ’09. It’s such a whimsical-y way to set your coffee and/or drink down! It’s kind of reminiscent of a tree offering you it’s branches to rest things on… or a bunch of hands reaching out to hold your stuff. Kind of sweet and not too literal in any one direction so you can use your imagination.

Whatever you see it as, I really like how it puts things at different levels and angles in such an organic manner. I think it’d be really lovely way to hold all kinds of things, and not just your drinks. I’m imagining a slightly tall-er version for when I walk into my room. I could toss my coat/jacket on one “branch” and plop my keys on another. Unload my excess books onto another level. All sorts of stuff. When I walk into my apartment room, I’m fairly famous for just sort of dropping my stuff down. This could be a fun way to plop it down decoratively. An artistic mess, y’know? Or just decoration. It doesn’t have to be your slob spot. Levels of books. Multiple little jewelry boxes filled with lovely things. Flowers. Oh! Wouldn’t multiple little single fish bowls with a single critter be swell?

It could be fun for parties. For coffee shops that don’t have seats or do but want to creatively dissuade people from plunking down their laptops and spending the afternoon. Granted…. a table stand like this with multiple “branches” of slightly larger lap-top friendly levels with maybe a plug hub integrated into the center part of the stand could be pretty exceptionally gorgeous! yeah. That would be mighty pretty.

I am the first to say, however, that I’d very very likely be the one to knock whatever is on the stand over.

via Design Boom

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