The Writing is on the Wall


Paint your walls with IdeaPaint, and you can doodle to your heart’s content all over your walls with dry erase markers!

Imagine if you used magnetic paint as the primer! I was super ecstatic about this idea when I read about it on Sara’s blog because I hang a LOT of random stuff up on my walls (*ahem* paint swatches), and this looks like a pretty handy way to do it. The sticky putty I often use seems to make things fall down when the seasons change drastically, thumbtacks leave little holes in the wall, and using foam tape has only led to big holes in the walls when I try to rip them off when its time to move (sorry mom). Magnets seem like a nice alternative. Amber does a pretty neat job with them:

Imagine how fabulous it would be if you could hang things up magnetically and doodle all around them. And you could so easily shift things around and/or change the look entirely whenever you pleased! I’m a little bummed at how easily the dry erase work would rub off, so it might not be perfect everywhere, but it’s a nice option – even just to test a look out before you go all permanent like this guy who drew all over his walls with Sharpies:

Magnetic paint + Dry Erase Board Paint + crazy doodles + awesome posters and wall doodads = kickass cheap, easy, creative, and changeable decorations = fun reactions from landlord (I’m imaging a bit of eyes bugging out and a stammered out “What Did You Do To The Walls?!?!”)((remembers the reaction to the time I decided it would be a totally Awesome idea to paint my studio upstairs a dark plummy magenta sort of color)).

Yes. Some things are better in theory than in practice. Lesson learned.

(merci Apartment Therapy)

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