Weird Little Beast


My cousin tweeted this image last week and it makes me smile every time I look at it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten weird looks for being fascinated by something strange/random/seemingly inconsequential. Today I stopped in the middle of crossing the street to try to pick up a key on the ground (I happen to have a thing for keys); alas, it was stuck and could not be mine and I was the recipient of several loud honks from taxi-cabs itching to make the right turn. Oops.

Again, sorry for my poky-ness. I’ve been working on some stuff and also caught up in the Must.Be.Outside(!) Glee that is springtime. You know the feeling, yes? The sheer joy in warming temperatures, watching the trees burst back into life, and the positively oodles and oodles of gorgeous colorful flowers overtaking the Union Square Green Market. And people watching! And listening to the street musicians. And and and….

Spring, how I love thee! It makes this Hot House Florida Flower whole-heartedly, positively, nerdily giddy. You too?! Swell!

I am working, however, on reigning in the brain. :) I assure you, dear readers, I have a hundred million (okay, maybe not that many – but a lot) browser tabs open in firefox and the computer that is my head of ideas of things to write about for you. Promise.

I tried to figure out where this image originated from but have thus far come up empty. If you know, do give me a shout as I love to give attribution.

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