Products of Play


It’s been one of those days… When you wake up and immediately and fairly inexplicably feel kind of blah, you know? Like you’re hanging out in a drippy gray cloud and you feel kind of foggy-esque, both in mood and physically. C’est la vie, non? It happens to the best of us.

And so! I slowly crawled around the internet, trying to find myself something to lend a little cheer to my mood… and I found(!): Oisin Byrne. And his work made me smile, because:

a.) I like it all. Not like when you see a piece by someone and you think oh! that’s awesome!, and you check out the rest of their stuff and are kinda disappointed because the rest doesn’t resonate quite as much. And
b.) It’s like being in my own brain. And
c.) He advocates ‘art which is the product of play’. Double thumbs up. It’s good to have fun with your work… it’s one of the best bits of creating/ the art of creation… getting in there and playing around and having fun and exploring.

Ogle away:

“dapple colour kingdom” (2442 origami fortune tellers)
It’s like a delicate pixelated rendition of a quilt! Like pointillism really, really close up (created out of living critters that have trouble standing still.. or something). I’d probably get in trouble for standing to close and wanting to touch it.

And then I saw…

“dapple colour kingdom”
Which validated that pointilism-esque thought.

“amelia blossom haven”
Makes my attempt to make a ton of origami cranes to hang on the wall/from the ceiling in my apartment seem like peanuts. Beautiful!

“infinitely folding star”

“Starmaps which fold in and around themselves infinitely, expressing the idea of a dimensional universe: of a universe which constantly folds in on itself to reveal a new reality.” Art + Science. You know I love it. That and contemplating the universe.

“universe cubed maquette”
Collaboration with Professor J. Richard Gott, the head of astrophysics at Princeton University; “The stars pierced in these boxes accurately map the visible sky as it surrounds the earth, gnomonically projected from sphere to cube.” Just gorgeous. More pieces that utilize light:

“we are stardust”

dancing with god”

And I can’t decide what other paintings or drawings to show you, so you should check them out yourself. They’re really lovely!

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